Ancient Chinese cosmology inspires multimedia show

Today it is not uncommon to see music, contemporary art and digital technology join forces to present immersive, arresting exhibitions for visitors to discover art anew.

Matrix of Jiugong, an exhibition held at Beijing’s Lanjing Art Center over the past weekend, is one such example of an all-encompassing visual and audio treat.

Creators based the work on the jiugong diagram of esoteric cosmology developed by Taoists in ancient China , turning the venue into a huge music box where three artists — Sun Dawei, Qiu Zhiqun and Ye Tinghao — each gave a musical performance or painted with the aid of digital devices.

The exhibition was the second program under an avant-garde art project at the art center titled Plan B.

A third program, an immersive experimental theater play called Home, will be held in December.

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