Chen Xiaoqing: Exploring China one bite at a time

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Once Upon a Bite, a food docuseries by Chen Xiaoqing, has proved to be an instant phenomenon with great ambition. It captures the hearts and stomachs of viewers in China through mouthwatering images and more importantly, the stories behind them.

The crew traveled to 22 countries over four years, observing Chinese and global flavors across the world.

This year, Flavorful Origins, another production by Chen which was purchased by Netflix, has introduced authentic Chaoshan dishes to a much broader viewership.

How do you create a delicious dish? Does food travel further and faster than other cultural components? What are the major features of dishes in areas such as Beijing and Hangzhou? China Daily discusses these questions and more with Chen Xiaoqing. Now let’s hear from the connoisseur!

Guest: Chen Xiaoqing

Reporter: Li Wenrui

Camera: Zhou Bing

Editing: Li Wenrui

Copy editor: Ian Goodrum

Subtitles: Yang Shan

Producer: Li Wenrui

Executive producer: Feng Minghui

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