Mok Lanlan: Macao ready to celebrate its return

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As an intersection of Chinese and Western culture, Macao boasts a vibrant cultural scene that is characterized by cultural diversity.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Macao’s return to China. The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR government will organize a series of cultural events, including Art Macao, a grand cultural festival, to celebrate the event.

Mok Lanlan, president of Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao SAR government, spoke with China Daily Website about the programs Macao plans to hold and what are some of the biggest changes that have taken place in Macao’s cultural landscape in the past two decades.

Mok Lanlan was in Beijing to attend the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations earlier this month.

Reporter: Hu Zhe

Camera: Yu Xiaoou & Fu Rui

Editing: Fu Rui

Subtitles: Yang Xiaoyu

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