Southern Thailand Opens Up New Training Facility

The Thailand Volleyball Association president Mr. Somporn Chaibangyang and Narathiwat governor Mr. Sittichai Sakda inaugurated the new Southern Border Provinces Volleyball Training Centre.

The new facility is located in the Rueso District. The facility is partly funded by the FIVB.

Courtesy of FIVB

With its opening, it is looking to open up new opportunities to students and others in the three southern border providences to hone in their volleyball skills.

“This training site will provide greater opportunities to serve the needs of those from the southern border providences. I’m convinced that the centre will play a vital role in producing well-qualified personnel and good spikers, who can join the national team in the future,” said Chaibangyang.

Courtesy of FIVB

Thailand national team members Pleumjit Thinkaow, Wilavan Apinyapong, Jirayu Raksakaew and Kittikun Sriutthawong led a Volleyball Your Way course in which 2,000 students attended.  The event took place over one day, where the national team members helped with their volleyball skills.

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