Zhang Daqian landscape highlight of auction

In 1966, master artist Zhang Daqian — then living in Brazil — painted a landscape depicting a view of Huangshan Mountain in East China’s Anhui province, to show his relief over recovering from a major illness. He gifted the painting to Zeng Lyuchuan, an old friend in Hong Kong.

The painting, titled Landscape of Cloudy Mountain, will be auctioned at Beijing Poly International’s on June 4.

Landscape of Cloudy Mountain, which is nearly 3.9 meters long, shows Zhang’s mastery in the techniques of Chinese mountain-and-water painting. For decades, Zhang studied the works of great ancient painters and became adept at copying them.

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The landscape also demonstrates Zhang’s exploration of a more abstract approach by splashing ink on paper. He continued experimenting in this style even after his eyesight deteriorated.    

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